7 Steps To Get The Body You Desire And The Freedom You Deserve



"Rakel knows how to speak directly to my heart and make me feel hopeful, determined, and filled with energy no matter what is happening around me. She is highly spiritual but doesn’t compromise action, a combination that I’ve never encounter before in a coach. If you want a brilliant badass on your side, look no further, she will rock your world."
Rebecca Callistar
Motivational Speaker



Are You Sick And Tired Of:

If Any Of These Points Resonate With You, I Totally Get You!

In fact, I used to be in the same situation.

I’d have to kill myself in the gym and follow strict mealplans just to be fitting in my jeans. And the worst part? Fun stuff, like weekends out with friends and family, birthday celebrations, and getaways, would almost inevitably lead to immediate weight gain. I thought this would be my life forever. Either spent rigorously working out, following restrictive diets with no chance to relax and celebrate life, or gaining weight and feeling out of control around food. What kind of life is that!?

Luckily for you, me and women all over the world, I discovered something pretty amazing. Something that explains exactly why some of us struggle with weight gain and food obsession while others get to be naturally thin and relaxed around food. And it’s all backed by neuroscience.  

So what is this devil on your shoulder that causes you to pack on weight while doing all the right things and acting seemingly “healthy”? 

Your Patterns!

What we may refer to as cravings, impulses, or tendencies to gain weight easily are in fact, nothing more than strong patterns that have become ingrained in our minds. These patterns, not you, direct your responses to food. What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, and even how you process, burn, or store those very substances in your body.

So as much as you may identify yourself as an emotional eater, a woman who has the tendency to gain weight easily, or one who feels insecure about her body, YOU are not.

Those are nothing more than patterns you have been following for so long that they’ve developed into learnt behaviors.

And that  gives us power! If we can push the reset button in our brains and restore the self-regulating abilities we were all born with, we can rewire our automatic responses and build healthy patterns that support our desire to release weight and find ease around food! 

Imagine waking up a few short weeks from now, sprinting out of bed filled with energy, and effortlessly zipping up your favorite pair of jeans without having been on a diet one single day over the last month. Imagine going through your day feeling at ease around food and be naturally drawn to eat only what feels good to you without ever needing to control your cravings, count calories, or wonder if you are going to gain weight.

How great would that feel? This becomes reality when you choose yourself, hit your reset button, and change your eating patterns.

“But Rakel. How do I do that? Choose myself, discover my current eating patterns, hit my reset button and rewire my brain to free my body for good?

You follow the Seven Steps Method I share in my upcoming book

“Free Your Body: 7 Steps To Get The Body You Desire And The Freedom You Deserve”

Each of the seven steps is designed to help you identify and eradicate the emotional and physical blocks that are preventing you from releasing weight and experiencing ease and freedom in your body and in your life. By following this proven system you will be able to permanently change your eating habits and replace them with healthy new patterns that will guide you to experience joy, pleasure, and freedom far beyond the dinner table or the fitting room!

And when you order your copy of the book today, you’ll get your hands on 3 exciting bonuses:



Instant Access to Your Digital Copy of Free Your Body”, so that you can start releasing weight and freeing your body while you wait for your physical copy to arrive.


Access to Module 1 of “Free Your Body Digital” so that you can get an in-depth experience of your first step toward body freedom.


A Free Video and PDF Download of The 12 Guidelines to Rewire Your Brain”, so you can restore your body’s self-regulating abilities.

All these life-changing bonuses will be yours when you pre-order your copy of “Free Your Body” today. This system has completely changed my life and the lives of countless women across the globe. Now it’s going to change yours. I can’t wait to see your amazing transformation!


"I just cannot believe how much work I have done and how much I have grown as a spiritual entrepreneur since I started working with Rakel. I love our weekly business calls - and it gives me the right amount of focus for the week ahead. If I am flying high, we go even higher, If I am feeling low, Rakel will get me back up on my feet. I love her as a person, as a coach and as a friend. She changed my life and my business in so many ways and I will always be grateful to her for that."
Kim Holterman
Women Empowerment Coah
"Rakel’s work has changed my life by giving me renewed confidence, skills, and Ideas that I actually practice everyday, and that I have passed on to others. Her message is a powerful reminder of the power and ability I have within my self."
Kristin Pevoto
Wellness Coach
"In Free Your Body, Rakel Chafir courageously and transparently shares her deeply personal traumas and triumphs. If you’ve ever experienced a battle with your body, I invite you find yourself in her impactful story so you too can experience profound healing. Through enlivening inner-exercises that magnificently illuminate the path of the most sacred journey we will every take -- to self-love and self-worth -- this potent gem of a book is a compass you will return to again and again."
Nancy Levin
Bestselling Author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free
“I recently experience a 1:1 VIP day in New York City with Rakel. It was a day lead by a true expert, who completely tuned into me, did the work to prepare, be present, and execute everything flawlessly to make our time together most productive. It was a perfect balance between business, spiritual and body/mind guidance that allowed me to open up, to let go, and make concrete decisions towards my dreams.”
Jennifer O’Donnell
Executive Leadership Coach & Author



Rakel Chafir is a body confidence expert and success coach who teaches women how to heal their relationship with their body so they can reach their full potential in life.

Her signature, science-based approach combines physical movement, resilience training and spiritual principles to help clients let go of unwanted weight, eliminate addictive behaviors, and more.

She has had the pleasure of working in some of New York City’s most elite studios as a certified personal trainer and also has an extensive background in health and wellness that includes being a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, a Master Expert in Hypopressive Abdominal Method and more. 

Her expertise has been featured on many outlets such as Thrive Global, CEOWorld Magazine, Positively Positive, Best Self Media, She Owns It, and Addicted2Success.

With her new book “Free Your Body: 7 Steps To Get The Freedom You Deserve and the Body You Desire”, Rakel is bringing her years expertise to women everywhere, to change lives on a worldwide scale.

Dump the diet books, throw away the scale, and learn to release the weight with ease. Free Your Body takes you on the journey that will transform your relationship to food and body image forever.

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